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8 August, 2020

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

COVID-19 Information 12 August 2020

Feilding Health Care is now operating at COVID-19 Alert Level Two.

To support physical distancing, if you need an appointment please call us on 06 323 9696.

Please don’t come to the Health Centre if you have any cold or flu symptoms.  Call us first.

You can keep up to date with the latest news on COVID-19 by visiting the Ministry of Health Website below.


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27 November, 2018

Changes to Community Services Card Fees

1st December brings lower Community Services Card Fees

We are very happy to say that from 1 December, fees will be much lower for people with Community Service Cards.

Feilding Health Care has chosen to adopt a low fee scheme, so people with a Community Service Card pay the fees listed below, for standard consultations:

Adults 18 years+ $18.50

Young people 14 -17 years $12.50

Under 14 years FREE

We hope this will go some way to making health care more affordable for our community.

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18 September, 2018

Changes to our after-hours

1st October brings changes to our after-hours services

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20 June, 2018

Good response for regular immunisation

Immunisations helping people stay well this winter

Winter is definitely upon us, it is a good time to make sure you are up to date with vaccinations.

“The flu vaccination is important and is a quick procedure. The response has been really good at Feilding Health Care (FHC), we have introduced a Saturday morning clinic to make it easier for those that cannot make appointments during the working week clinics”, says Debbie Turney, Senior Nurse Manager at FHC.

People may have felt panicked when the flu vaccinations arrived a little later than previously expected this year. Not to worry, this was due to ensuring that Vaccines being delivered to New Zealand had been updated to include a new strain, after problems with their effectiveness overseas. Pharmac funded a “quadrivalent” seasonal flu vaccine, now available, that’s designed to protect against four strains of influenza, including two “A” and two “B” strains.

Influenza (flu) can be a serious illness, sometimes fatal. Influenza can make an existing medical condition such as diabetes or asthma much worse. By immunising you are protecting yourself, your family and your community. The vaccine takes around two weeks to be effective.

Immunisation is a way of preventing infectious diseases. Vaccinations are offered to babies, children and adults to protect against serious and preventable diseases.

Immunisation uses your body’s natural defence mechanism, the immune response, to build resistance to specific infections. If you have been immunised and you come into contact with that disease, your immune system will respond to prevent you developing the disease.

All vaccines approved for use in New Zealand have a good safety record and have ongoing safety monitoring.

“We are very pro-active at the Feilding Health Care and take the opportunity when seeing patients that they are up to date with immunisation.”

Do not be surprised whilst in for a regular check up that you will be offered to have either the flu vaccination or a discussion to check your immunisations are up to date. For instance most people should have had a booster for Tetanus at age 45 and then again at age 65 to ensure protection continues. Tetanus is a serious infectious disease caused by bacteria usually found in the soil. Boosters may also be needed after some cuts, grazes and wounds. There are many keen gardeners in our district – keep your immunisation up to date.

Another discussion you may want to have with your health professional is about Shingles vaccination. Did you know that if you have had chickenpox you are carrying the virus that causes Shingles? Once again, make it easy on yourself and talk with the team at Feilding Health Care to see what options are available – they are the best people to give the right advice to assist with health decisions for you and your family.

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27 October, 2017


Feilding Health Care Appoint new CEO

Feilding Health Care are pleased to announce the appointment of Nicky Hart to the new role of CEO. Nicky has been working for many years with General Practices across the Manawatu, Wellington and Masterton areas. In her first few weeks here, she has focused on making it easier for people to get appointments when they are sick, and offering other ways to get in contact with us, such as the patient portal, and GP phone services. Welcome to the FHC team Nicky!

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30 July, 2016

Vasectomy Service

Vasectomy service provided at Feilding Health Care

Dr Bruce Stewart has been providing a vasectomy service to the men of the Manawatu District and beyond for many years. He is very experienced in the procedure and uses the latest “no scalpel” technique and diathermy equipment.

The service has been further enhanced since the move to the modern ‘state of the art’ Feilding Health Care facility in Duke Street Feilding.

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10 December, 2015

Get Up To Date With Cervical Screening

Having a smear test doesn’t take long and is a simple procedure that is proven to save lives.

“She’ll be right” is a common phrase embraced by Kiwi culture. However,  the National Screening Unit and Feilding Health Care are asking women to think about the ones they love and have a smear test. 

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10 December, 2015

Making The Most of ManageMyHealth

ManageMyHealth™ gives you the freedom to manage your health information online from the comfort of your home or work. Think of it as internet banking for your health.

Feilding Health Care’s new website offers a range of services for you to manage your health more effectively and efficiently. 

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