Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service describe our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to us

General Terms of Service

1. Our standard consultation fees are available upon request. Our fees take into account the following factors:

a) the time spent

b) the complexity of treatment

c) the cost of materials, equipment, staff and overheads

d) funding available from the government, public and other sources

2. We require payment of our fees immediately after your consultation or services provided.

3. If payment is not made immediately, we will invoice you and will charge you an administration fee for doing so. Your account may be sent to a debt collection agency if not fully paid within 30 days.  We may also:

a) charge you interest at our bank’s overdraft lending rate calculated on a daily basis from the date of your consultation until payment; and / or

b) charge you the cost of recovery of the outstanding fees and interest including our legal costs on a solicitor/client basis, any Court costs and disbursements, service or collection fees; and / or

c) decline to provide you with further medical services – except in the case of an emergency.

4. In this document:

a) “You” means any patient of Feilding Health Care and

b) We”, “Us” and “Our” means Feilding Health Care

You authorise us to:

a) make enquiries with any previous medical practitioners and health professionals you may have engaged regarding your medical history and you authorise disclosure by those people to us;

b) send you information about how we may assist you by providing other medical or health services to you.

c) make enquiries with from time to time with credit agencies regarding your credit history and to release information from time to time to the extent where necessary for the purpose of making such enquiries (and you authorise disclosure by those agencies to us);

d) disclose any information about you for the purpose of instructing other persons including a debt collecting agency to recover any outstanding fees from you; and

You acknowledge that:

a) all services may attract a fee unless clearly stated otherwise; and

b) you remain liable for all fees, costs and disbursements (e.g. Laboratory testing) charged by us for the services provided notwithstanding that these may be recoverable by us from a third party (e.g. insurance providers)


ManageMyHealth™ is a web site for you; it uploads your information from our computer to a secure web server.

It is a place where you can access your health information online, it’s easy and confidential. We fully support the concept of a patient held electronic health record. For us, it is a way to receive secure electronic messages from you, which will help us manage the day to day running of our medical centre.



We encourage you to use the Request Prescription service. This service is only available for medications you are on long term.

Please note you must collect the script from our reception and to pay for this service at that time. We will send you a ManageMyHealth™ email once your request has been processed. Please allow 2 working days.


We would like to use ManageMyHealth™ as one of the ways of notifying you of your test results. We also use texting and telephone. When we file a result you will be sent an email saying your record has been updated. We recommend you do not switch off the automatic notification box in your inbox setup, so you can receive these messages. Your ‘Lab Results’ section in the ‘Health Summary’ option will have your results. One column has your doctor’s comments on the test. For more detail click the blue ‘i’ button. Please read your doctor’s comments and take any action recommended. If there are serious abnormalities we will endeavour to contact you through other channels, including phone and letter.


By agreeing to use this service you agree to pay the associated fee within 7 days after the transaction is completed. Your doctor or recipient of your request has sole discretion as to when a transaction is completed and billed. For queries or complaints please contact Feilding Health Care. This service is not intended to replace face-to-face consultations. We will respond to your request within 2 working days. The advice provided by your doctor is limited by the information you provide and the information we already have in our records. If your request is too complex you may be asked to make an appointment for a consultation.


If you see incorrect information in the Health Summary, please contact Feilding Health Care so we can correct the information.


This service is not currently being provided

All standard appointments are 15 minutes and will incur a standard consultation fee which is to be paid on the day of appointment. See our list of fees on our website www.feildinghealthcare.nz.

We will send you a ManageMyHealth email once your appointment has been accepted. Cancellations must be made within one working day of the confirmed appointment. Failure to attend the appointment or cancel within 24 hours of the appointment will incur a fee. If you require an appointment with the nurse or a longer appointment, please phone the practice on 06 323 9696 or email on hello@fhc.nz

Misuse of this service will result in suspension of your ManageMyHealth account.

Recall Enquiry

This service is not currently being provided

This is a non-urgent service and we will attempt to answer your query within two working days. If you have an urgent request, please ring the practice on 06 323 9696

Misuse of this service will result in suspension of your ManageMyHealth account.


All messaging services are non-urgent services and we will attempt to answer your query within 2 days. Misuse of this service will result in suspension of your ManageMyHealth account.


The website is provided by MedtechGlobal, a New Zealand company that provides the software that Feilding Health Care uses. MedtechGlobal is unable to see your information, as it is encrypted.

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